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Voucher redemption. E-Voucher Coupons can be redeemed at the point and time of purchase of any product at our online Web Store https://woodcraft-co.org or at a UK WoodCraft-Co collection point. E-Voucher Coupons can be used for part or full payment of any WoodCraft-Co product. If the product cost exceeds the amount of the E-Voucher Coupon, the balance must be paid in full by PayPal, Credit or Debit Card or Cash at the time and point of purchase.

Cancellation and Refunds. E-Voucher Coupons are non-refundable other than within the 14 day cancellation or cooling-off period. No change or credit is given in the event that the E-Voucher Coupon value exceeds the total cost of the goods (for example: where a £100 voucher coupon is used to purchase a £95 product – then £5 will remain on the voucher coupon until the voucher coupon is used to purchase other product(s) thereby exhausting the remaining balance, or alternatively when the voucher coupon expires).

Simply create an Account or Login to your existing Account to see the Store Credit and Coupons available. Or, alternatively checkout as a Guest with the associated email that the E-Voucher Coupon was received… you can choose how much you wish to credit your E-Voucher Coupon from £10.00 to £250.00 in increments of £1.

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